Your Neuroplasticity: BDNF & NGF

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“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in  life is to keep your mind young.” — Henry Ford 


You are creating, at this moment, the person you are and who you’re going to become tomorrow and  in the more distant future. You are physically wiring the neural network of that person in your brain.  Your brain is designed to change throughout your lifetime, by constantly rewiring itself. Your thoughts  change your brain chemically and physically. Unused neural pathways are pruned away and new neural  pathways form and strengthen, creating the compilation of thought patterns that is “you”.  


Nothing about you is fixed, not your intelligence/IQ, not your memory, not your creativity, not your  personality. Your brain is changed by the thoughts you think and by your experiences, so think  positive, optimistic thoughts and seek rewarding experiences. Everything you think, feel, or do,  imprints and rewires your brain. Your rewired brain, in turn, affects everything you think, feel and  do, which again, in turn, imprints and rewires your brain. This can be either a virtuous or a vicious  cycle. Where you end up in life and what you become is the direct result of your beliefs and the  thought patterns that you have programmed into your brain. Thoughts are so powerful that they  have actually been shown to affect gene expression and dramatically affect health. 


Because your brain is rewired by everything you experience and everything you think, it is important to pay attention to the information and experiences you expose yourself to and the thoughts  you repeat to yourself. This means everything from the music, movies and books you consume, to the people and conversations you engage in, to the hobbies and recreational activities you enjoy. 


Taking the perspective that you are literally a direct reflection of your experiences and thoughts,  will help you to make dramatic shifts in your life. 


You are consciously aware of a very small percentage (perhaps three percent) of what is actually  happening around you at any given moment. What you focus on is determined by brain systems  such as your reticular activating system, which is a diffuse network connecting the spinal cord, cerebrum, cerebellum, and sensory organs. Your reticular activating system ensures that your focus  reflects the priorities you have programmed into your brain. 


For example, if you just bought a new car, you may suddenly start to notice more of that same make and models of car driving around. The actual frequency with which you encounter that specific car probably has not changed. What has changed is that your brain is now programmed to be interested in that car and to pay attention. Your experience of your reality is entirely reflective of your brain’s programming. Shift your thoughts and you will shift your reality. To keep pace with the fast and complexity of modern life, new neuronal connections are constantly being created in your brain. 


The phrase “use it or lose it” is scientifically accurate. Neural connections are constantly being  pruned away if they are not being used. Neurons compete for connections and the weakest connections are eliminated. We live in a rapidly changing environment and our brains need the ability to  adapt quickly to handle new situations and experiences. It is arguably as important that we are able  to forget outdated information and thought patterns, as it is that we can learn new information and thought patterns. The two phrases to remember when it comes to the wiring of the brain are “use it  or lose it” and “neurons that fire together, wire together”. 


Although the brain’s flexibility decreases with age, it remains plastic throughout your lifetime. 


The key to reprogramming your brain is positive repetition. Intense emotion makes your brain rewire itself more quickly also. You can boost your neuroplasticity by boosting two critical peptides: Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) and Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). 


If you want a healthy and powerful brain you need to use it frequently, by focusing on novel and  challenging tasks. This means learning new things, learning new skills, etc. Learning and development occurs primarily through the strengthening or weakening of synaptic connections.


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