Nourish Your Brain For Peak Performance

Your mind is like a garden. Just as it is necessary to fertilize soil in order to grow a thriving garden, it is necessary to nourish your brain in order to optimize your ability to learn and retain new information and skills and support peak mental performance. 

AWAKEN GOLD provides highly specialized nootropic super nutrients that your brain and body then use to synthesize focus, memory and motivation enhancing neurotransmitters and neuroplasticity boosting peptides BDNF and NGF, which then create improvements in your brain's chemistry, structure and performance. 

The changes to brain chemistry start immediately, but the brain chemicals that actually create the structural and performance changes take a few days to several weeks to be synthesized in a meaningful quantity. As with fertilizing a garden, over time the effects will be dramatic.

People who have careers or engage in activities that regularly push the limits of their mental capacity tend to notice changes the most quickly. At first, tasks that they are familiar with and expect to be challenging turn out to be noticeably easier than expected. From there, they can push themselves to new heights of performance.

Bad or "off" days will quickly disappear from your life. This may seem like a small thing, but consider the compounding effect of performing at your best each and every day, as opposed to the two steps forward, one step backwards that many people experience. 

Unlike the feeling of being on a stimulant or drug, after taking AWAKEN GOLD, you will feel like you woke up on the right side of the bed and are having a great day. The feeling of being “on” something is actually a sign that a substance that is alien to your chemistry is acting on your mind and body. The results may appear beneficial in the short run, but there are almost always detrimental side effects, especially over the longer term. A stimulant may give you more mental stamina and focus, but it will likely also make you irritable, jittery and leave you feeling burnt out at the end of the day. Over time your dopamine system and adrenals will be significantly damaged. 

Consider a person who is trying to lose weight. They could take the latest fat-burning stimulant pill and it would likely temporarily boost their metabolism and burn fat in the short-run. They would eventually regain the weight though, because the dietary/physical activity issues that created the weight issue have not changed and in the process of taking the stimulant they would have done damage to their heart, blood vessels, adrenal system, etc.

An alternative, which is analogous to our approach, is to eat a superfood diet. Weight loss progress will be less pronounced after a few days, but over the long-term they will not only lose weight, they will feel great, be much healthier and will have numerous other benefits. They will be able to achieve levels of health and well-being that could never be achieved through stimulants or drugs. 

As with physical fitness, eating a healthy diet is essential, but is not sufficient for peak physical fitness and performance. If you were to take a highly effective workout supplement and then sit on your couch, what kind of improvements to your musculature and physical performance would you expect?

The core focus of AWAKEN GOLD is neuroplasticity. We believe that this is the holy grail of brain nutrition and nootropics, because it is what allows you to grow past any perceived limitations and become the best version of yourself. Just like with a workout supplement though, you then need to go to the gym to get results. As your neuroplasticity increases, your growth and development will be commensurate with how hard you push your brain.

We encourage dusting off that hobby, book or desire to learn a new language that you have let slip away and really commit to working at it. We think you’ll be amazed that it starts to come to you more easily,  in a way you haven’t experienced since you were much younger (or maybe ever). Our invitation is to orient your life more and more towards learning and growing and find that the more you push, the more you grow and a virtuous cycle results. Cross-training your brain with meditation, instruments, language, coordinated movement, and other pursuits is as effective and necessary as cross-training your body to push the limits of your performance to their highest levels. 

We recognize that many people are looking for a quick fix and may not be concerned about the long-term side effects of stimulant or drug use. That is not what we offer. Our products are made by and for health-conscious seekers of peak performance. The people for whom knowledge, learning and mastery is a lifelong pursuit. Our dream is to awaken your dreams and support you in pushing the limits of what you previously thought was possible. 

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