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“We are what we think.  

All that we are arises with our thoughts.  

With our thoughts,  

we make our world.” — Buddha 


In the 1950s, egg-based protein powders were first introduced and were marketed to bodybuilders  and professional athletes as a way to enhance muscle growth and recovery. By the 1970s and 1980s  protein powders and other bodybuilding supplements began to enter the mainstream, as recreational athletes started to pay attention to nutrition to improve their physical performance. Nowadays, just about everyone is aware of the importance of proper nutrition for physical health and  athletic performance. Improvements in nutrition and in training regimens have made previously impossible athletic feats relatively achievable.  

We are currently in the early days of focusing on brain nutrition as a key component of brain health,  mental performance and achievement. Small communities of individuals have been researching  and experimenting with brain nutrition and nootropics for decades. More recently nootropics have  been widely adopted in Silicon Valley as a means to push the limits of mental performance and gain  a competitive edge. Whether you are looking for personal growth or a competitive edge, proper  brain nutrition and supplementation is key to your success. In the not-too-distant future that will  be as obvious a statement as the statement that proper nutrition and supplementation is key to peak  athletic performance. 

Proper brain nutrition and supplementation is complicated by the blood-brain barrier. The “blood brain barrier” refers to how blood vessels are constructed in the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) to regulate the passage of molecules from the blood into the brain. With physical health  and athletic performance supplements, it is important that the supplement to readily absorbable  into your blood (i.e. bioavailable). With brain health and mental performance supplements, not  only must the supplement be bioavailable, it is must also be in a form that can effectively cross your  blood-brain barrier. This requires very specific forms of key nutrients, as most of what is cheaply  and commonly available will not enter your brain and is therefore completely ineffective.  

Brain research has shown that even minor nutritional deficiencies can be associated with changes  in mood, memory loss, confusion, depression, and other mental disorders. There is a growing body of research on that focuses on the impact of enhanced brain nutrition on healthy individual and the  results are inspiring. If you can conjure a mental image of a 1950s bodybuilder vs. a bodybuilder  today, we can expect mental performance to follow a similar trajectory.  

We advocate the natural brain building school of thought and the information contained in this guide  will focus on how you can build a stronger, healthier brain and supercharge your mental performance  by optimizing your brain’s existing chemistry and utilizing natural supplements. Our philosophy is to  focus on long-term brain health, which results in performance improvements in the short term, instead  of focusing on short-term performance at the potential risk of long-term health.

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