News Review of DREAM

"The Bottom Line About Dream

It works in perfect conjunction with either Awaken or Awaken Gold. However, it is effective on its own to get better sleep. The combination of these supplements has been a pleasant surprise. They really get your day going by improving focus, attention, concentration, mood, memory, reducing stress and anxiety, boost motivation, and overall cognitive function. Dream truly balances out the regulations of the brain to allow you to get a better sleep, eliminating stress, anxiety, and inducing healthy and uninterrupted sleep."

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Treat Your Mind Like a Garden

We have found that the easiest way to explain Awaken Gold is by analogy: your mind is a garden and Awaken Gold is fertilizer.  

Many people ask how quickly they will experience results. There are two key thresholds to consider: (i) when do changes start to occur, and (ii) when will you become consciously aware of those changes?

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Mitochondrial Health & Aging

The mitochondrial theory of aging proposes that accumulated damage to mitochondria, and their especially vulnerable DNA, leads to aging.

THRIVE was formulated to specifically focus on activation of anti-aging genes (sirtuins) and to improve mitochondrial health and function. It’s ingredients are explained below:

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Ingredient Quality and Quantity

At Awakened Alchemy we are committed to creating the highest quality nutritional products, based on principles of integrity, effectiveness and transparency. Our focus on rigorous scientific research-backed evidence-based formulations, use of only the highest quality ingredients, and gold-standard cGMP-certified domestic manufacturing, result in our supplements producing beneficial effects that greatly outperform other products.

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Smart Drugs Vs. Nutrition: Which Approach to Nootropics Is Right For You?

At Awakened Alchemy, we utilize high quality nutritional formulations to support and enhance the brain’s existing chemistry. By providing the brain with optimal nutrition, the brain grows healthier and stronger, resulting in significant improvements in cognitive function, learning ability, memory, focus, clarity, concentration, motivation and drive. The effects of improved brain nutrition compound over time resulting in dramatic improvements in function, performance and long-term brain health. 

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Creating Your Reality - Part 1

In Alchemy, the mind is understood to be the bridge between our awareness and external material world we perceive and experience. To the alchemist, the experience of reality is understood to be a creation of the mind and therefore, by changing our mind, we can change our reality.

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